Goku vs bergamo episode 81

Instead of the usual nonsense flurry of punches, blocks, and dodges not. Watch dragon ball super episode 81 online bergamo the. Goku vs bergamo final fight dbs episode 81 english dub full hd. The 9th universes third combatant tries to talk zeno out of erasing. Watch dragon ball super episode 81 dub saiyans watch.

Goku goes ssb vs bergamo english dub dbs episode 81 english dub. Watch dragon ball super episode 81 online at animeplanet. Bergamo fight itself starts out as a sight to behold. Goku vs bergamo was a really good fight in dbs episode 81 but goku vs toppo will be even better follow us in our social media, links down. Cabba finally ascends to super saiyan 2, goku vs caulifla full fight, vegeta vs toppo english dub duration. Goku goes ssb vs bergamo english dub dbs episode 81 english dub dragon ball super dub. Bergamo uses his special attack, wolfgang penetrator, clashing with goku s kamehameha. Episode 81 dragon ball super dragon ball world wiki. Family guy season 18 episode 4 full episode hd duration. Goku offers to power up even more, using the kaioken. Goku goes ssb vs bergamo english dub dbs episode 81 english. Which one wields the limitless power, on crunchyroll. Goku vs bergamo part 2 dbz episode 81 suggested by toei animation co.

Dragon ball super english dub episode 81 goku vs bergamo. Dragon ball super episode 81 features the third exhibition match between universe 7 vs. Bergamo also powers up while goku charges a 10x god kamehameha. How would you rate episode 81 of dragon ball super. However, if goku throws the fight, all universes will suffer the consequences. Goku eliminates kefla dbs episode 116 english dub duration. Goku squares off with universe 11s final fighter, but he may have more to worry about. Goku vs bergamo part 1 dragon ball super skip navigation sign in. Goku uses his full power to push the attack back and hit bergamo, defeating him instead of powering him up further. Dragon ball super episode 81, bergamo the crusher vs son.

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